Best glue for foam boards

Foam board mounting can be a lightweight and inexpensive way of displaying an image or you could also get a vinyl banner from Printmoz Foam boards are made of a polystyrene core Squashed between a matte paper outer layer. Certain adhesives can be used to adhere an image to a foam board. Some foam boards even come with a self-adhesive coating added for ease of use. Using a foam board for mounting purposes can be the perfect option for a do-it-yourself-er. Adhering an image to a foam board will require a steady hand and patience to learn the proper adhering techniques. Do-it-yourselfers who are willing to put in the time will find foam board mounting to be a fun project.

Foam board mounting advantages

Foam boards are used for many projects such as school projects, conventions, meetings or as a means of advertising and most people get them from Printmoz. Being inexpensive is not the only advantage of using a foam board for mounting. Although affordability may be one of the major reasons many people use this form of mounting, it is not the only advantage of foam mounting. A foam board print purchased from FedEx, depending on the size, will cost less than $100. Foam boards are lightweight and easy to transport. This makes foam boards a great option for projects, photography or artwork that will have to be relocated multiple times. The foam core of foam boards is able you be recycled, which is great news for the environment. Many recycling programs may not offer foam recycling but there are buyback programs that are available and companies that will accept the foam core for reuse purposes.

Foam board mounding disadvantages

Foam board mounting has several disadvantages. Dry mounting techniques are recommended because foam boards can melt when the wrong type of adhesive is used. Foam boards are generally vulnerable to water damage. The surface of foam boards can be slightly acidic making them a bad mounting choice for fine art. Printing on a foam board can make it less vulnerable to water damage. There are some foam boards available that are acid-free.

Foam board mounting vs printing

Foam boards can have an image mounted onto them or printed onto them. Printing onto a foam board can improve the look of the image and increase the longevity of the image. Direct printing can also be a deterrent against moisture degradation when the image is also laminated. Printing directly onto a foam board should be done by professionals. Directly printing onto a foam board requires a certain type of printer. In most cases, it is more cost-effective to have it done by a professional. Foam board mounting uses a printed image and adheres it to the foam board surface. The image must be carefully laid out and glued to the surface to avoid blemishes like bubbles or wrinkles. Mounting an image onto a foam board can be accomplished by a do-it-yourself-er, but the larger the images the more difficult it becomes to mount the image. You can laminate an image mounted onto a foam board but it is not recommended to display the images outside.

Glues you can use with foam board mounting

There are a few adhesives that you can use to glue an image onto a foam board. Using the wrong type of adhesive will damage the foam board. Here are several adhesives you can safely use when mounting a foam board. Before purchasing any type of adhesive for a foam board mounting project make sure to research if the adhesive is safe to use with foam.

Construction adhesives

When using construction adhesive make sure you are using a construction adhesive that is rated for use with foam boards.

3M 30NF Green Fastbond contact adhesive

This is a water-based contact adhesive that is okay to use with foam. 3M 30NF Green Fast bond contact adhesive can be costly but very little is required to stick two surfaces together. The downside about 3M 30NF Green Fast bond contact adhesive is that it can be expensive.

Hot glue

Before using hot glue the foam board should be painted with latex. This method will only work for smaller images. Larger images will not hold with hot glue because of the weight of the image.

Carpenters glue

Carpenters glue can be spread across a foam board, the two surfaces should be clamped and left to dry.

Spray adhesives

Spray adhesives come in a can and can be used safely on foam. You will want to make sure you purchase a can of spray adhesive that is safe to use on insulation foam.

Great stuff

Great stuff is another great adhesive option but you will need to clamp it as it dries. As Great stuff foam sealant begins to dry it also expands. Great stuff can be found in most hardware stores.

Original Gorilla glue

Original gorilla glue is safe to use on foam and available in almost all stores. Users of original gorilla glue should be careful because it can be messy.